The very best site for DOAX !

A very nice site in french :

Official web-site of the XBOX :

Alwyas about DOAX :
Contains pics from Butterfly and other stuff :
Great site about Lara Croft, in french :

The Website of Steven Stahlberg. A master of virtual character conception. Fabulous !

For poser users, with lots of links :

Tons of 3D pics :'s_room.html
News for Playstation 2 users. In French :

A nice site about Vidéo Girl Aï and Masakayu Katsura (in french) :

Animeland. News from japan anime (in french) :

A great FORUM about computer graphics (in French but English spoken are welcome) :

For lovers of Liv Tyler :

Real girls in bikinis (not all free) :

A very nice french comic from Morvan and Buchet.

News for french comics at :

(for adults)

A french website about "the Lord of the rings" the movies.

"Lycéennes" the roleplaying site.

Scénarii for gamemasters (in french) :

FREE :my webaccess.
Drawings and roleplaying !

From Vampire (The Masquerade TM), the monstruous "Boucher de Cluj".

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